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We are software craftsmen, and we have been since 1996. Our simple business model is to provide quality software to customers who can use it, keep them happy, and collect whatever revenues we can from our efforts. Our business model is simple and elegant and it has worked well for us so far. The fancy and complicated business models didn't work and those companies are gone now. Those of us who are left are the strong ones, and we are proud that we survived the latest natural selection cut.

If we build the simplest and most elegant possible software that satisfies our customers, then we spend less time hunting for bugs and more time writing cool new software. We operate as efficiently as possible and we pass our low overhead on to our customers. We also use as much of our own software as possible for our own internal needs, such as our online licensing system. We prefer to be dependent on the quality of our own work because we trust our own work more than we trust software from Microsoft or some other big company. We also like the extra motivation to avoid stupid mistakes and inelegant solutions. We use a company-wide organizational model for our software source code so that we can re-use as much of our work product as possible and also so that our business depends on the reliability of the exact same code that our customers are using in our products.

That's our story. If you are curious about the odd name then please read on to find out what that's all about. You can also meet the owners or learn about how to contact us.