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Ryan Alyn Porter and Jennifer Selph founded Endymion Corporation in 1996 as a software development consultancy in Gainesville, Florida. We were a small development house with a handful of employees that made Windows software for medical and industrial instrumentation. The whole time, our real passion was web-based technology, and figuring out how to spend our days working on web applications was our big goal back then. Maintaining our own web site and working on the few paying web-based contracts that we could obtain just wasn't enough.

Jennifer left the company in 1998 to pursue other goals. Ryan took the company and converted it into a product sales business, starting out with a pet project that he had been working on since 1997, a web-based email client application called MailMan. That product was wildly successful and propelled Endymion firmly into product marketing. MailMan has seen many revisions and two different editions since and is still under constant development.

We began work on our next-generation product in 1999, an industrial-strength web-based email client called Saké Mail. The goal of Saké Mail was to build on our experience from developing and marketing MailMan to build a product that would appeal to larger corporate customers and schools. Saké Mail has been quite successful in its limited market, and revenues from Saké Mail combined with our existing MailMan revenues have allowed us to focus again on new development.

We virtualized our company in 2001. We placed all of our mission-critical accounting and customer relations applications online so that our location is irrelevant. Our engineering department is now headed up in South Beach by Ryan, and Alyssa continues to manage our sales department from our physical office in Gainesville. As we move forward, we hope to take advantage of our geographical independence by hiring the very brightest workers available anywhere in the world.