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Endymion is a privately held Florida corporation. We are owned by a husband and wife management team who are very involved in day-to-day operations. We are proud to have been building a good reputation since 1996 and we are determined to maintain our friendly relationships with our customer base. Our two owners are Ryan Alyn Porter, the technical and marketing half of the operation, and Kathryn Porter, the management half.

Ryan Alyn Porter

Ryan earned a degree in computer science at the University Of Florida and worked briefly at Silicon Valley chip maker 3Dfx (now owned by nVidia) before starting Endymion Corporation. Ryan founded Endymion in 1996 with another partner and currently manages all development and support. He is also the closest thing that we have to a marketing director. Ryan is extremely proud that we are one of the few strong small software firms to have survived the tech collapse. You can probably also tell that Ryan wrote the web site. Hi. <ryan waves>

Kathryn Porter
General Counsel

Kathryn is an progressive intellectual property attorney who practices both technology law and entertainment law. Formerly our general counsel when she had a different last name, Kathryn now manages day-to-day operations. Our web-based business management software is so efficient that most of her time is spent serving clients at her own law firm.