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the standard edition
The Standard Edition of Endymion MailMan is aimed at installations where a simple and hassle-free web mail solution is the highest priority. As the diagram illustrates, the Standard Edition views mailboxes directly from the POP3 server without using any sort of mail store on the web server. Since it does not store any information on the HTTP server that it lives on, the Standard Edition is extremely easy to install and requires no attention once it is working.

The Standard Edition of MailMan is perfect for Internet service providers that would like to offer a simple web-based email interface for their existing users, companies that want to provide a simple web-based email gateway to the outside world for employees, and many other situations where a simple no-frills web-mail system is the goal. MailMan allows you to deal with setup and licensing issues only a single time, then you can forget that it is even installed until you need it.

The Standard Edition and the Professional Edition both share the same robust and time-tested interface and message rendering code that allows users to send and receive attachments, it allows you to fully customize the interface to merge with your existing web site, and allows you to customize the POP3 and SMTP server names so that your users don't have to understand those details.


If you would like to see the Standard Edition running on your own server, a fully-functional 30-day evaluation distribution is available online on our download page.



Runs out of the box on any server that supports Perl.
Supports a frames-based interface. The frames interface displays a message list in a top frame and individual messages in the bottom frame. Browsers that don't support frames are still supported.
Supports an entirely text-based mode designed for cell phones, PDA's and text browsers.
 Understands and downloads message attachments. MIME formatted attachments that are encoded in Base64 or Quoted-Printable are supported, as well as simple UUencoded attachments.
Understands HTML formatted email messages.
Completely customizable by modification of simple HTML templates. Any HTML editor can be used to modify the templates.